Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hi, just started this catasetum collection not too long ago, started to have some extra cuttings for sale and also looking forward for catasetum fan like me for exchange of cuttings. These are a few of my catasetum flowers collection. Looking forward to meet catasetum fan like me via this blog.

list of my catasetum (ctsm.) hybrids collection
1. ctsm. penang red X ctsm. jumbo pearl 'serdang Oo Oo'
2. ctsm. raymond lener
3. ctsm. gerhard lieste
4. ctsm naso x ctsm jumbo pearl
5. ctsm. penang red (ctsm pileatum X ctsm susan fuchs)
6. ctsm. saccatum X ctsm. osculatum
7. ctsm pileatum X susan fuchs (ctsm orchidglade x ctsm expansum)
8.ctsm Chong Keng Yong (ctsm bound for glory x ctsm susan fuchs burgandy chips)
9.clowesetum penang waltz
new addition

List of my catasetum (ctsm.) species
1. ctsm. macrocarpum
2. ctsm roseoalbum
3. ctsm pileatum white (snow cup)
4. ctsm pileatum yellow
5. ctsm callosum
6. ctsm saccatum
7. ctsm macroglossum
8. ctsm tenebrosum
9. ctsm integerrimum
10. ctsm naso

anyone who is interested in exchanging catasetum cuttings please e-mail me. I am really looking forward to expand my collection.

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