Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Cycnoches chlorochilon

Second spike with one flower as the plant enters the phase of dormancy. I just notice I did not posted this one ealier, must have slipped my mind. Too many sites to catch up recently. Hahaha...

The flower is with great fragrance during the morning. Can sense the inviting aroma as I walked down the stairwairs although the plant is in the wet kitchen.

This plant looks quite alike to cycnoches warscewwiczii with exception to the lateral sepals. In warscewwiczii they are ninety degree to the dorsal sepals. For chlorochilon they are pointing upwards. 

Friday, September 7, 2018

Catasetum Chong Keng Yong and a viridiflavum

 this is the second spike of Catasetum Chong Keng Yong i bought recently. the flowers in this spike is not damaged as the last one. the labellum of this variety opens much more laterally compare to the first cultivar that i had

Blooms on 3rdJanuary2019

lastly is the viridiflavum that just bloomed after i separated the plant into a few smaller cuttings 

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

recent purchased hybrids

had not been posting for quite sometimes, because most are bloom that i had posted before. it had been so long that i forgotten to post my catasetum Fuchs Delight the last round. well, another division is in bloom and hopefully did not forget to post them this time.

this is Catasetum Chong Keng Yong (Catasetum Bound for Glory x Catasetum Susan Fuchs 'Burgubdy Chips'). i have one of this, but somehow this plant stick to me like Velcro the moment i saw it. this cultivar has a more open labellum, spread open sideways while my first Chong Keng Yong has a more cup shaped labellum and much more porminent callus. 

the second hybrid here is catasetum Redland Black Cherry (catasetum Penang x Catasetum Jumbo Pearl 'Oo Oo'). i had one of this before but i guess it didn't like me that much and booked a ticket to Tmbuktu after a couple of years.
this cultivar is much darker than the previous one and color is much more vibrant
these two plants came with flowers and thus can't claim any credit for the blooms. but it has been a much fruitful day for me today and i had the chance to taste buah keledang for the first time. foudn a stall selling the fruit while on the way back from the nursery.

a pciture of buah keledang.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Catasetum pileatum

another variety of pileatum that i acquired about a year plus ago. similar to the alba variety of pileatum just that coloration varies

Monday, December 18, 2017

Catasetum uncatum

bought this plant as catasetum purum but turns out to be catasetum uncatum. seems like another common mistake makes by most people. 
the uncatum has a pointed beak and the lateral labellum is non serrated as in catasetum purum. 
the flower of the uncatum is small, in fact much smaller than i imagined when i first saw the flower myself. height of the flower is slightly over two cm and the with is about once and half cm. it has a faint minty smell. 
this would would be the second wrong id case for this season and thank goodness it is a species catasetum or else i would have to keep another NOID in my collection.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Catasetum gnomus

another wonderful species that is showing off their fist appearance in my garden, and luckily enough they survived through those monkey attacks recently. my garden had been invaded by monkeys for years, and recently the catasetum seems to become part of their 'snack'
a couple days ago, they suffered one of the worst 'attack', i lost a couple of species, thanks to the monkeys.
though heartbreaking.............but instead of focusing on the lost collection and damaged plants, i might as well focus my energy on what is left, to nurture and revive them
life shall go on and must go on.

''mourn on the lost and concentrating on the damaged section, i shall not. focusing my energy to revive what is left and cherish those that is still with me, i will''

 this species has a very long spike, arching to pendang in nature. very interesting and unique labellum. pneumatophores are abundant as shown in first pic here

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Catasetum juruense

first time blooming for this species in my collection. the sepals and petals measures to about 3.2cm  and the total flower size is about 6cm across. the labellum is 2cm across with serrated edge. there is a callus at the base of the labellum that has a laminar appearance.