Saturday, January 18, 2014

Catasetum Suzie Chan (Penang x trulla/socco) *

slight issue with this plant, i confirm the ID from the originator, said it is penang x turlla/socco but later only to find out that they mistaken the trulla for a fimbriatum. 

So this is actually a Penang x fimbriatum. If you were to google for Ctsm Suzie Chan images, you can see a lot of fimbriatum gene in those crosses. there is even one that is identical to the "Suzie Chan" of mine. 

first image here appearance of the entire plant, large robust plant with heavily rooted pneumatophores, just like the fimbriatum

close up of the flower

another close up showing back folding of the lateral sepals like the fimbriatum parents
So should the originator of the plant notify the orchid registra about this?