Sunday, January 31, 2016

Clowesetum Raymond Lerner

Clowesetum Raymond Lerner is a cross between Clowesia russelliana and Catasetum pileatum. the offspring flower's size mimics the pileatum, big is size and carries the green coloration of russelliana in the same time.

hard to get a good angle with this one, the inflorescence is heaving and with the long pending stalk, it is hard to manipulate the angle for photo shoot.

a close up on the labellum, showing the longitudinal striated callus

the flower started with greenish hue, turns white as it ages and eventually light yellow shade sets in as the flower wilts away.

was thinking to make a integeneric cross with this one, but had been quite sloppy in keeping up with keeping orchids due to work demand. will update if i do pollinate and make intergeneric hybrids out of them.
hopefully one fine day i will bounce back to life with these orchids and have more time for them.

bloom on 16/3/2016

from second spike, flowers gaining more white hue as it matures


this bloom is from the same division, same plant actually. but the shot was taken on day one of full bloom. i am posting this because somehow the bloom looks 'more' green than usual

the original plant that i got had started to grow into bigger specimen. hopefully by the next two season, this plan t will really turn out to be a specimen plant

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