Sunday, October 29, 2017

Catasetum osculatum

bought this plant as Catasetum rivularium but unfortunately it turned out to be catasetum osculatum. the distinguishing feature of this species is the rounded orifice at the labellum that is usually surrounded by dark red rim. the difference with this species and the close relative catasetum saccatum as been describe much earlier.
the spike is pendant in nature, the bracks are widely separated apart, the one that appear in this spike seems to be inconsistently spaced but the widest is about 4cm apart. the flower is about 3 inches wide spread and the labelum is 1 inch across in measurement.

 the lateral sepals are horizontally spread, but should be facing backwards as the flowers matures. there is slight fimbriated structure along the lateral borders of the labellum

close up showing the red rim around the orifice and also the anisoceras structure of the trigger pollina

the ventral part of the labellum and the beak will arch backwards as the flower matures

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