Sunday, December 10, 2017

Catasetum gnomus

another wonderful species that is showing off their fist appearance in my garden, and luckily enough they survived through those monkey attacks recently. my garden had been invaded by monkeys for years, and recently the catasetum seems to become part of their 'snack'
a couple days ago, they suffered one of the worst 'attack', i lost a couple of species, thanks to the monkeys.
though heartbreaking.............but instead of focusing on the lost collection and damaged plants, i might as well focus my energy on what is left, to nurture and revive them
life shall go on and must go on.

''mourn on the lost and concentrating on the damaged section, i shall not. focusing my energy to revive what is left and cherish those that is still with me, i will''

 this species has a very long spike, arching to pendang in nature. very interesting and unique labellum. pneumatophores are abundant as shown in first pic here

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