Sunday, March 10, 2013

catasetum Chong Keng Yong

this is a cross between catasetum Bound for Glory with catasetum Susan Fuchs 'burgundy chips'. this plant had been with me for two years plus but after the second spike of male inflorescence, this plant has produced female inflorescence since then. for this season, once the spike started to emerge, i transferred the entire plant to a shady place to have higher chance of male inflorescence and eureka!
thirteen of them in this spike, in fact the highest count for this variety so far. i like the prominent callus on the labellum, raised and coarse in texture.

the first pic below, showing individual close up of the flower

picture two to picture five, multiple shots at the spike with under different lighting 

the last pic below is a closeup on the detail of the callus on the labellum

i am not sure if anyone notice, there are individual flowers (two to be exact) where the tip of the labellum is void of the greenish hue. when i initially got this plant and earn my own spike, all the flowers do not have the greenish hue. but the subsequent inflorescence has it. the first picture is the individual flower without it and most of the flower facing the camera has the greenish hue on it