Sunday, May 22, 2011

catasetum female and male forming at the same time !!!

So excited about this, though the spike appear about about one week difference, both eventually both developed to similar maturity stage almost together. about to bloom in a few days time. I am so excited about this, for the female flower is my first female catasetum flower for me and the male flower is a catasetum species which i am waiting for it to bloom to ID it. The female catasetum flower here in the picture is Catasetum Chong Keng Yong (all female catasetum flower looks alike). really looking forward for it to bloom together and i shall try on pollination. Here are the pics for the flower buds and will update as soon as they flowers (hopefully can do further update of formation of the seed pods if pollination is a success)

the two pics above are male flower of the ctsm spp while the bottom one are the female (can notice the broader flower stalk that is attaching to the flower, ie in which upon successful pollition will form into the seed pods)

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