Thursday, May 26, 2011

catasetum integerrimum

Catasetum integerrimum is derived from the word "integerrimus" which in botanical terms means without teeth, notch or lobes.
This species is mostly confused with catasetum maculatum, the latter had a fringes or small tooth lip while integerrimum lip are smooth, namely integerrimus.

Started from a single bulb cutting about 6 months plus ago, with unknown ID except that it is a species catasetum, all the waiting eventually paid off when this catasetum integerrimum decided to bloomed finally.
the flower is about 3cm across and 5 cm tall and smells like other catasetum in which i describe them as "cinnamon" smell. Most of the evening, water droplets (sap) tend to accumulate at the ventral portion of the hood like structure, i took a sip of it and it's SWEET.
will attempt to pollinate with a female catasetum that just started to blooming today.

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