Wednesday, August 24, 2011

catasetum pileatum 'snow cup'

catasetum pileatum, one of the most sought after species by catasetum hybridizer and collector because of the large flower size. it came in many color variant, green , yellow, white and red.
got this plant about near to two years ago, initially thriving very well but soon it succumb to the snail infestation that came along with it. had no choice but to wait for the pseudobulb to fully mature before doing anything.
until of recent, one of the division decided to throw out the very first spike for me, and started to bloom. Yes!!! this is what i had been waiting for the white pileatum, my favorite pileatum of all.
flower is near to 4 inches width and 3 inches in height, initially started off with very green color but and even when it started to open, there is green color tone on all the sepals, petals and labellum. but as the bloom matures, the green discoloration is eventually replaced by the white form.

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