Thursday, July 28, 2011

catasetum Gerhard Leiste (ctsm jumbo pearl x pileatum)

Grown this particular one from seedlings and finally flowered after 2 years. this is the first spike with three flowers. registered by Mr Tan Ching Heong, 8/7/2006. flower is about 3 inches across and with mild fragrance as most catasetums do. the coloration of the sepals are not as dark as depicted in the picture, mostly due to lighting effect. just slightly lighter.

However this particular hybrid had a labellum which its color is well contrast against the color of the petal. i got another compot of this Catasetum Gerhard Leiste, and i do hope they produce different variety of blooms. from what i observed in the nueery, some have a yellow back base flower with red freckles but nothing is close to this particular one. this would still be my favorite Gerhard Leiste!

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