Thursday, October 27, 2011

experimenting with new media combination

though from my previous post one may notice that i am not a sphag guy for catasetums, but recently i am experimenting by mixing some sphagnum moss in the charcoal media. but instead of packing a large ball of sphagnum moss in the media, i am actually laying the moss in lace pattern, alternating strands of moss with charcoal media and with charcoal as top finishing.
reason for doing this
1. moss embedded in the charcoal are protect from light and thus less problem with algae growth
2. by laying moss in strands rather than a big chunk, they dry faster and less rotting problem yet in the same time produce the additional moisture and fertilizer it adsorb during watering

i had been experimenting this for about two months, so far the results are encouraging, especially for weak bulbs, or those revived from very shrivel bulbs. they tend to recuperate faster.

i would also welcome any comments or those who wanted to share his/her experience with catasetum media cultivation.

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