Thursday, September 13, 2012

Catasetum callosum - 2

this catasetum species originate from Brazil, Amazonas state and Venezuela. fairly easy to grow and not to mentioned hardworking bloomer as well.
the dorsal sepal and petals are fused, acuminate in shape but are separate in other clones. the antennae are parallel flank the callus at the base of the lip as they pass by. the edge of the labellum are faintly hairy with a small sac depression.

the plant and the spike, 13 of them this time

 image below showing the individual flower, the parallel antennae, and the accuminated dorsal sepal and petals are evident

 lateral view of the flower, the sac depression on the lateral view is clear in this view as well as the side view of the conical callus, just above the sac of the lip

the width of the flower measures about 2inches width

close up of the lip showing the callus, located just above the sac of the labellum

measurement of the side view of the flower

measurement of the lip

slight oblique view on the lip, antennae, sac of the labellum and part of the column

second spike is emerging at the same time, keeping my finger cross that it would be more than 13 this time, LOL