Sunday, September 2, 2012

Catasetum memoria kampar yip

bought this plant with the label "ctsm macrocarpum" but the moment i saw the red specks on the outer petal before the flower opens, i know for sure it is a mistakenly labelled plant!
this however did not turn out to be a major disappointment because this hybrid is in my wishlist. catasetum memoria kampar yip is a cross between catasetum tuanku zainab petra and catasetum susan fuchs; the former is a cross between catasetum sumani (ctsm pileatum x ctsm saccatum) and catasetum fimbriatum. so i guess we know where this hybrid got its fimbriated lip margin from,
this plant was named in memory of the late orchid enthusiast Mr Yip from Kampar, Malaysia. this hybrid was registered on 3/3/1993. the seed pollen is from catasetum susan fuchs on the registra but as usual even a reciprocal cross between the catasetum tuanku zainab petra and catasetum susan fuchs would also be known as catasetum memoria kampar yip.
spike of 9 with very strong cinnamon like smell, could even smell it from several feet away. love the coloration and pattern of this hybrid, with distinct color markings.

blooms on 25/7/14


  1. Divino, maravilhoso.
    Parabéns pelo cultivo.

  2. Hello. I love all the Catasetum you show in this blog. I plan to add some Catasetum orchids to my existing collection (afew) Dendrobium and Cattleyas. Are Catasetum plants costly? I am from Ipoh and would like to buy some pseudobulbs. Please advise, thanks.

    1. it all really depends on what catasetums you plan to get. they can be cost somewhere around rm10 to several hundreds. if you can tell me what catasetums you are interested, i may be able to provide you with further info.
      you can also send further info to my email

  3. I was informed by a friend just minutes ago that an orchid was named after my dad.
    Thank you sooooo much.
    I also found out that the person who registered it goes by the nickname Serdang.
    Is that you? thank you again so so so so much.

    1. Hi, it's an honor to meet you here.
      i am not the person who registered this hybrid. i believe the person is Mr Tan from Serdang Orchid Nursery.