Sunday, April 7, 2013

catasetum ciliatum, hermaphrodite

this is a hermaphrodite ciliatum actually, though it looks very much like a female but it is a hermaphrodite. the red coloration at the margin of the labellum indicates that it is not a pure female although other part of the flower is greenish including the round cap anther is present.

 frontal view of the hermaphrodite flower, the red lip margin is visible

lateral view of the flower showing the RESUPINATE dome shape of the labellum, much bigger compare to a male labellum and it is non resupinate in the latter

last pic below just showing the round tip anther


  1. LIndo e as gotas de água ?
    Ficou muito especial.

    1. yes, those are water droplets. notice the female bud has already bloom after i finish my regular watering in the evening. thanks