Friday, March 20, 2015

Catasetum expansum amarelo and catasetum rooselvetianum

the catasetum expansum amarelo is a first time bloomer for me but unfortunately both the pollen was ejected by insects before the flower were fully bloom.

pic taken on 24/11/2017
spike with tow flower but again the pollina were ejected before fully open, only one is left intact. the plant is getting bigger and second spike is with three flower buds bud should be only blooming about in three weeks time or so.

this is catasetum rooselvetianum, flower spike is semi erect with a non resupinate flower position, the trigger pollina is isoceras, and diverges away from each other as it courses down the inner labellum.
the flower is 2.5cm in height and 2cm across, slightly scented.

the lip is curled inwards on both side, giving the lip a 'boat' like appearance

lateral appearance of the flower

the last pic here showing the appearance of the trigger pollina on the inner side of the labellum

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