Friday, October 7, 2016

Catasetum cristatum alba - female

most of the female catasetum flower looks almost alike, except some species of the catasetum like the incurvum and pileatum have very tall hood,

the reason i am posting this is not only to show the female flower of this species, but also to keep tract of its progress after pollination. so i guess i would have to update this thread from time to time. 

it is good to have some pollinas handy in the refrigerator. there is three of them so i thought of pushing my luck for this. 

three pollination that i had in mind, 
1. cristatum alba x self
2. cristatum alba x catasetum rectangulare alba
3. cristatum alba x catasetum denticulatum

though i am quite lazy in doing the flasking part, but i guess no harm having the seeds in the fridge handy, just in case i my hands are itchy again 

more pics to follow after the pollination if there is any 'take', (sorry for the quality of the pics, my usual camera 'retired', so i am forced to use back my old ancient camera)

seems like there is 'take' in all three pollinations. now is just to keep the finger cross and hope the pods continue to develop.

pods continue to develop further

all three pods fully develop, only waiting for it to ripen

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