Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Clowesia Rebecca Northen

got this seedlings as a gift. after a about two years it decided to bloom. the color does not fit for a rebecca northen. have not seen a rebecca northen this color, and yet the lip is different . 
coor isn't that great either, however would use this flower as training ground for intergeneric pollination. 

manage to get in contact with the person who pass me this seedlings, she is quite sure the label was right. well i guess got to live with that label id for now.
here is the update for the pod formation, i cross all three with different catasetums using the mentor pollen technique, but two is aborting. one still developing, keeping finger cross

only one pod manage to fully ripen, the one that is cross with a fresh pollen, ie. catasetum cristatum.
however, i discarded the pod as i had full doubt regarding the id of this parent plant. 

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