Wednesday, June 22, 2011

my first ctasetums seed pod

this is the results of nearly to a month pollination between mt ctsm integerrimum and ctsm Chong Keng Yong. never came across mt mind that i would have such opportunity to have both female and male catsetums to flower at the same time with such small amount of catasetums plant that i had.
the ovary is swelling up fast and initially i had two pods but the plant gave up one of the pods in the mid way, perhaps due to the two flower spike that are coming up together at the same time (i am gonna get bombarded by my orchid forum members when they found out this, i was iniitally advised to snip off the two coming spike for the pods to grow but i don't have the heart to do it).

so the next step is to figure out should i do the flasking myself or should i send it to the professionals to do it, if i screw up this pod there is no telling when i will had such opportunity again. decisions, decisions decision .....

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