Sunday, July 10, 2011

catasetum incurvum

Finally, i manage to obtain two catasetums from my primary wishlist namely catasetum incurvum and catasetum denticulatum. I would say that it is quite a fruitful day for as i had total of four catasetum species from the haul. Another two new members to the family are catasetum purum and catasetum barbatum.
originally this plant was classified together with Catasetum saccatum but was then later recognized as a species of its own. the name incurvium is derived from the word "incurvus" which is referring to the lip that curls inwards as the bloom matures.
other synonym for this plant would be Ctsm. saccatum var. incurvium, Ctsm. stupendum and Ctsm. trautmannii
the pics here are catasetum incurvum, in bloom when i purchased but i am determined to own my own bloom in the later days. It has been a long day, now i guess it's time to sit down with a cup of coffee and enjoy the bloom. here are the pics for the catasteum incurvum

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