Saturday, May 19, 2012

catasetum fimbriatum (another clone)

got this plant by mistaken identity, flowered today with 12 inflorescence. The name Catasetum fimbriatum (fim-bree-ah-tum) is derived from the latin name fimbriae which means fringe, referring to the fringed borders of the lip which is the characteristic of this species. The lip is trilobed, with heavy fringes on the lateral borders and at the base of the lobe, there lies a heavy callus that may assume different shapes in different clones. The sepals of this species are light green with brown spots, and these coloration are usually more intense on the petals. The dorsal sepals of this species along with the petals forms a hood like structure covering over the column of the flower.

above pic showing the entire spike with 12 inflorescence 
 second pic showing the frontal view of the flower, heavily fimbriated lateral lobes of the labellum with a prominent callus at the center of the base of the lobe, resembling a bird spreading out its wings

close up on the lip 
 the final pic showing the lateral aspect of the flower

as the flower matures, the lateral sepals will fold backwards almost or touching the pedicles, by then when the flower is view from the frontal view, only the dorsal hood (sepal and petals) and the triblobe lip are visible. will try to post a pic of the flower when they reaches this stage.

here is how they appear upon full bloom, lateral sepals arching toward backwards, showing only the lip and the dorsal hood plus the column from the front.


  1. lindo catasetum,Eu tenho duas dores o Catasetum fimbriatum verde e o amarelo, são lindos
    obrigado pela visita

  2. you are welcome, visited your post on ctsm fimbriatum amarelo last month and i must say it again, fantastic photography work. ;)