Sunday, June 17, 2012

catasetum tenebrosum

derived from the word tenbrosa which refers to the meaning dark or gloomy. this species is easily identified from its labellum, triangular in shape, color is either yellow, pale green or chartreuse. there should be two prominent callus on the labellum, one at the base and the other at the apex.
this particular division is special to me because it is derived from a very old shriveled backbulb. also from this experience that taught me not to waste any old babkbulb (some may not agree as it takes a long time to develop an established plant from a weak bulb, however this experience had taught me to save some very important plant in my collection).
it took me two years to established this plant from this single shriveled bulb (in first pic). the spike is with 13 flowers, color of the outer sepals are darker than the inner petals and sepals.

will add in more pic tomorrow of the entire plant and also when the flower blooms fully
here are more of the pic taken today, showing the entire plant and also the bloom

the pic below (lip close up, showing the double callus labellum)

the condition of the plant now, with four bulbs

appearance of the entire spike

individual flower


  1. Two years is a "long" time, but i wil never give up hope after reading this :)
    I just recived some bulbs in a bad condition and hopefully they will look as great as your plant in a few years

  2. with loving care, knowledge about its cultivation and some faith, i am sure it will turn out beautifully when they mature.
    i too had that bad experience (receiving bulb in bad condition), but glad to say that they did eventually send out new growth. it is post under my other post "at times, small sacrifices are necessary". good luck