Friday, June 29, 2012

catasetum denticulatum, part two

just bloomed today, 11 of them, first spike from this first division of backbulb. its name is derived from the word denticulatus, referring to the toothed margin of the labellum. this species belongs to the clustered flowers of pendant inflorescence, like the cirrhaeoides or pulchrum. both the plant and flowers are small, the size of the flower is shown as below and the pseudobulb ranges from 2inches to nearly 7inches in adult. mine currently is near to 4 inches only. 

flower size is basically small, about an inch when the lateral sepals are fully bloom

last pic below showing the small tooth like structure on the margin of labellum

The below two pics here is taken on 27/8/2017. Though this species had bloomed multiple times but I never notice the callus on the labellum, until it caught my attention yesterday.