Sunday, July 1, 2012

catasetum macroglossum

the word macroglossum refers to the large lip structure of the flower. this flower is non resupianted, had a sweet fragrance. the large lip structure extends till the beak anther and covers it laterally. inflorescence is arching and becomes lightly pendant with the weight of the flower. this species is easily identified from the two teeth like structure at the mid lobe of the labellum and also a semi circular callus that is present just at the inner apex of the lip (cannot be visualize from frontal view).

 first pic below the plant and the entire spike

second pic, the spike itself, 6 of them

closeup on the individual flower 

lateral view

close up on the hood with the two fang/teeth like structure, each beside the pointy tip of the labellum

 closeup on the inner side just under the apex of the hood, showing the semicircle callus (dark yellow in color)


  1. muito lindo, parabéns

  2. hooded catasetums are always my favorite, this macroglossum is no exception. u am hoping for my next hooded catasetums, the macrocarpum to bloom, had been waiting for almost two years since i bought it back.