Saturday, July 21, 2012

catasetum penang red? hahahaha

most will be thinking that i got this post mislabeled but actually not. i choose this plants among the hundreds of deflasked seedlings of catasetum penang red but this is what the flower turns out to be.
it is a penang for sure but the first question that arise is whether is it an alba form? IMHO, i do not think this one is an alba form, maybe just that it got more of the white pileatum gene in it.
as the flowers matures, the white hue in the flower is dominating more and more, i had a similar ctsm penang but that one is more of yellow and white as the flower matures

 first pic below, the entire plant (initially with 6 buds but i accidentally broke one white watering the others)
pic 2 and 3 is the appearance of the spike in closer view
fourth pic closeup of the individual flower

last pic here showing the callus present at the ventral of the depression of the labellum

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