Monday, November 12, 2012

Catasetum Penang (Catasetum pileatum 'Green Gold' X Catasetum Susan Fuchs

catasetum penang, a cross between pileatum and susan fuchs. there are many varieties of ctsm penang but the red one seems to be most popular among catasetum hobbyist. initially when i bought this hybrid i was hoping for some green form of a penang due to the green gold variety of pileatum that is used as a parent. however the outcome of the cross is a deep red penang.

this particular division is rescued from a damaged bulb that got crushed when the mother plant fell on the floor. never that that i would be strong enough to produce a spike on the first growth. what i like about this plant is the shape and color of the flower. very well balance, could be a good parent for making wonderful hybrids!

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