Thursday, November 1, 2012

catasetum tabulare

the name of this species is derived from the word tabularis which means flattened horizontally referring to the large flat structure of the callus. the flowers of this specie is large. most prominent feature of this species is the large triangular callus at the center of the lip. the callus is often smooth except in at least one of the variety, namely catasetum tabulare "rhinophorum". this variety has a very rough callus appearance, and personally it is my most favorite tabulare and shall remain in my wishlist.

the only flower that survived the rainy spell, had three initially but two buds were damaged by the heavy rain

appearance of the flower on initial blom

close up on the callus of the labellum

full bloom of the flower in the lower pic

lateral view of the flower at full bloom 


  1. Oh wow, it's almost creepy how much that looks like an animals mouth, all incisors and tongue! I absolutely love it.

    1. are not the first and i guess won't be the last one saying that about the tabulare either. glad you love it! thanks

  2. Não conhecia, ele é lindo. Parabéns pelo cultivo

    1. many thanks, there is too many things to learn about these orchids and yet still many unknown to be found either.
      new growth is appearing without dormant phase interrupting within cycles and i hope that will have better spike this round.