Saturday, November 17, 2012

catasetum naso x jumbo pearl - second clone

this is the second clone i had for catasetum naso x jumbo pearl. you can also see the mark variation of the off spring, thought it is from the same parents. just to keep track of this clone, i tagged them "green cap light spots". 

first pic below, the entire spike

lateral view of the flower

view from inside of the labellum

close up on the detail of inner labellum

close up of the lateral edge of the lateral lobe of labellum, showing the mild serrated edges

frontal view of the flower

another view of the flower

the last pic below here is also from the same parents, you can see there the marked variation between the siblings. the one on top inherited most of the naso gene while the one below had the characteristic of both.

this is the reason why it is at times impossible to correct ID a hybrid, especially complex crosses (it is different if it is a cross between two primary species) once the tag is lost. that is why, i always make sure the tagging is done properly. one can also keep two tag for a plant, one tied to the hanger/pot and another one buried right under the pot.