Thursday, December 15, 2011

bulbophyllum gracillimum

bloomed several days ago in my mini garden, unfortunately half of the bloom was damage by something before it opens.
i liked the color of this particular gracillimum, and about 5 days later i notice that most of the flower is falling off. but surprisingly three of them had a swollen ovary that is yellow in color. the only possibility is a self cross cause it is the only bulbophyllum that flower in my garden during the time being unless it can cross with my callosum :D with flowers at the same time.
able to dig up a citing from the net, it takes roughly about 3 months for the seed to mature and seed pod can be harvested when it is about 2/3 of the maturity. surprisingly, it is stated there that seed might take from 1 to 9 months for germination!!!! seems like nothing is short term when it comes to orchids!
just as i thought my flasking adventure would be over and now there is this three seed pods forming. what should i do with them.....currently i am clearing off my bulbophyllum collection to make way for the expanding catasetum collection. sigh......

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