Friday, December 2, 2011

second attempt at flasking and also DIY chamber

No intention of attempting this flasking, my garden is "exploding" with orchids and in addition this pod is infected with fungus (suspected) cause one end it turning wet, brown and yellow discoloration. the pod is only slightly above six months old so i hope that those seed inside would be viable and not infected as i skipped the seed sterilization part off. but another part of me just could turn down the chance to see the result of my catasetum cross, even it's a long shot.
for preparation of the media, you may view it at my first post on flasking media at

but my main purpose of posting this is to share the DIY flasking chamber. this is what i do
1. 2 feet aquarium, cleaned then sprayed with diluted bleach 1:9, leave for 10 mins
2. put all the prepared flask with agar, knife, seed pod, towel, etc ...
3. take 2 sheets of newspaper, spray one side entire wet with the diluted bleach solution
4. cover the "top" of the aquarium (top of the aquarium facing you), using the weight of the aquarium to anchored the ventral part of the newspaper, the top, left and right of the newspaper is "stick" to the aquarium by wetting it with the diluted bleach solution. the third pic shows how the papers adhere to the aquarium when it is wet
5. now spray the outside part of the newspaper with the diluted bleach till it is wet, leave for 10 mins
6. wet your gloves with diluted bleach solution, gently and carefully make a small opening through the newspaper with each of your had. now both of the hands is in the chamber with the bleach laden newspaper acting as peripheral seal around your arm. then start sowing!!

the last two pics are the end product of this nebulous attempt.
i got minimal faith for this flasking, did not measure the pH, no seed sterilization and etc. perhaps too discourage by the infected seep pod. well. keeping my finger cross.


  1. When I did my paper on Orchid culture, my lecturer did say, some people don't need that Laminar air flow machine, an aquarium will do the same trick. LOL.
    I got 50/50 tissue cultures growing w/o mould, so happy.
    I don't know how my dad did it last time, but I do remember all those bottles of black agar he brings home to clean.

    1. with the method i used above, so far no contamination, but unfortunately no germination as well. perhaps it is my diy media. all i get is some protocorn like bodies that grow but then stunted at that phase. it has been nearly nine months now and still the same.
      i would attempt flasking again with commercial media later on when i had my seed pods. thanks for viewing