Wednesday, March 21, 2012

catasetum callosum

this is the second post on catasetum callosum. for the first post about catasetum callosum, here is the link
just thought of adding in some additional info. the flower is dark brown about 2inches across and about 2inches tall, fragrant and easy flowering plant. it had a pair of isoceras pollinae and also the roughed appearance of the labellum. that is where it get its name from.
basically i think this is one of those catasetum collection that did not fail to flower on every pseudobulb so far. though it is common for catasetums to flower during the active growing phase or dormant phase, this is the first time for a catasetum to flower during the dormant phase for me.
in addition, i just got my self a division of catasetum callosum x catasetum penang (Catasetum broga black leopard), it a rather puny division i got, anyway it was what that is available at that time. the bulb it started with is merely an inch plus tall. can't wait to see the bloom of this cross myself.
seems like the some insect just busted the flower this morning...well, why not just pull the flower apart for some study purpose. in fact this has given me the idea, perhaps will take a pic of all the parts of the flower for subsequent different blooms

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